Diamond dash Tricks


Title says it all, Today I am going to reveal secrets of Diamond Dash Game!
Over 5 Million user plays this game on their iPhone, iPod and iPad.

After you finish reading this article I am sure you will be able to get Gold, Coins and XP for free 🙂

To do this a little knowledge of editing file is require, Dont worry even if its your first time editing file you will do great :).

First of all you need

-iFile OR any iDevice browser/explorer

   then open

var/mobile/Applications/Diamond Dash
If you cant see Diamond Dash name there click on setting icon open preferences>File Manager/Application Names ON

Ok So it will look like this screenshot:

To get highscore in DiamondDash you will need to  edit multiplyer
here is how to do it.

If you are allready into var/mobile/Applications/Diamond Dash
DiamondDash.app folder and look for file name “balancingIphone.plist” OR “balancing Ipod.plist

If you are iPad user, edit balancingIPAD.plist. If you’re iPhone/iTouch users, edit balancingIPHONE.

In this file you can edit score mulitipyer:





<key>GroupSizeMedium</key> (THE NO. OF AMOUNT TO GET MID AMOUNT BONUS)


<key>HalfSpeedyBonus</key> (TIMER HALF SPEEDY BONUS)

<key>MagicFireMultiplier</key> (ON RAGE FIRE MULTIPLIER)

<key>MaxSpeedyBonus</key> (MAX SPEEDY BONUS)

<key>SpecialGemMultiplier</key> (DIAMOND/SPECIAL GEM MULTIPLIER)

<key>SpeedyTime</key> (SPEEDY TIMER)

Ok now lets talk about how we can get coins
in that same folfer DiamondDash.app scroll down and look for file name
Open earnCoins.plist and edit as much coins you want
between <integer>coin value</integer>
e.g <integer>10000</integer>

So this will give me 10000 coins when game ends 🙂
See the screenshots

Now, to get gold and xp 

you will need to edit another file “levelling.xml” scroll down in DiamondDash.app folder and look for file “levelling.xml”

In this file one can edit values of xp it depends on number of gems you click in game.

this one gives xp points


Now to get Gold and lifes you need to edit gold value into levels.
 in that same file just scroll down.
it will look like
<level num=”1″ xp=”0″ bonus=”0″ gold=”0″ life=”0″/>
<level num=”2″ xp=”200″ bonus=”4″ gold=”0″ life=”0″/>
<level num=”3″ xp=”450″ bonus=”5″ gold=”0″ life=”0″/>

where. 1,2,3 is level number
           0,200,450 is xp 
           0,0,0 gold
          0,0,0 life 

you get when you level up !! 

just find out on what level you are playing and start editing

I was playing at level 32 so I started editing from level 32 to 100 :p

look into screenshots
So when you level up it will give gold as reward.
There is no limit of numbers in gold value you can enter any number u want.

So after you finish editing click on “save” and “done” button.
go back to game and see it in action.

29 thoughts on “Diamond dash Tricks

  1. Hi I’m using iPhone I try balansingiphone the game crash says broken intereial I score millions and not update global tournament ??? I have iOS 7.0.2

  2. Hi vishal,

    I changed the balancing value with ifile on the new version of diamond dash, and when I open the game, it tels me that the internal files are corrupt and it doesn’t save my scores anymore.
    What should I do?

  3. Hello again Vishal,
    I have problems in editing files, because in “balancingIphone.plist” i can’t edit. What can i do? Btw i’m using iExplorer in demo mode, is still ok to do with?

    • Hello Ryan

      It is fine if it is letting you edit the file.

      Okay if you want to edit .plist you have to use notepad++

      If you are not able to open it in notepad++ then make this changes and it will work

      (1) uncheck “Hide extentions for known file types” from

      Folder Options>View >uncheck mark Hide extensions for known file types

      then “Apply”

      in PC.

      by during so you will see files as
      “balancingIphone.plist” ( I mean you will be able to see what kind of file it is)
      (2) rename it to “balancingIphone.plist.txt”

      now you will be able to open it in text editor.
      make necessary changes you want and then save it.

      now once you save file again rename it to”balancingIphone.plist”

      that should do the job.


    • Anonymous says:

      i have tested by making changes in different files but the trick doesn’t work because as soon as I put the modified file back in the folder, it returns to the original state. i even tried deleting the original file from the folder before copying the modified file but it doesn’t get deleted (though the system shows a message “do you want to delete this file, this action is not reversible” but after clicking yes, nothing happens.


    • Hello Anurag,

      I have no idea why your files are reverting to original, The only reason what I think what causing you trouble is file permission.

      please set permission read write and execute to file you are editing.

      I am using jailbroken device so I can assist only in jailbroken devices.
      For jailbroken device, open ifile, locate file and click on blue “>” sign here will see access permissions click on it and check for all.

      follow this link, it has complete tutorial for changing file permissions.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am new to your site but seems a nice work Vishal… keep it up. I am using a non jailbroken iphone5 with iOS7. I’ll check your site after some time to see if you were able to find a way to hack Diamond dash for gold/ coins…. best of luck.

    • Hello Anurag,

      Just yesterday I tried editing levelling.xml file located in DiamondDash.app folder and It is giving me gold and coins.

      Also by editing balancingIphone.plist and using old magic power ups. such as conical glass, bomb, and timer works to make high score.

      It has only one problem once score cross limit of 6 (999,999) digit it becomes zero.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the quick response Vishal. I wish I were a pro to assist you in it.
      Can you also tell me the software to use to access these system files to edit. As per the guidance in some posts here, I downloaded “iFile Browser Free” from app store but couldn’t locate these files.

    • Hello Anurag,

      There are two softwares which can access system files
      (1) using iFile it requires jail broken device

      (2) is installing iExplorer software which you have to install in PC and then you can view the system files.

      I am sorry If my post misguide you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the clarification Vishal,
      I was able to install iExplorer on my laptop and opened the system file levelling.xml. For editing it, I needed to copy it to the desktop and after editing put it back in the folder to overwrite the original file. I was playing in level 10 so made the change only in that level to test but no miracle happened after I finished the level. I went back to the iExplorer and opened the file again. I think, they have put some mechanism in place because after copying the modified file to the app folder, it gets reverted to the original file automatically (I mean all the changes get removed and the file becomes like the original one). So, no luck for free gold… 🙁

    • Hi,

      It is true that now once we edit file they creates a copy file but that doest mean this trick dont work. you can refresh the file system and delete the newly created file. such as filename-copy.extention.

      Okay now coming to your question If you are playing on level 10 then you will have to edit value for level 11.

      What it does is when you clear level10 and go to level 11 it will give you those gold and coins.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Vishal,

      I tried the trick of modifying the lebelling file on an older version of game on my old ipad. It worked and at the level completion i got 1000 gold as per modification. But after 3-4 games, it got reset to the original number of bricks I had. Just for your information as this information may be useful for you to find a better hack.


  5. great job Mr Vishal Barot…like you said the new update kind of prevents the modification…it used to work for me as well until i updated the app and now it doesnt even allow the modified figures to be saved….i somehow found a recent post on youtube but cant say if its legit as it requires a survey and i dont dont trust these surveys…check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN_WHsFwRHw

    • You are Absolutely right Mr Andrew editing the levelling.xml file does works to get gold and coins. And to do so we do not have to pass any kind of servey. we can simply locate to levelling.xml file and edit it if we use ifile or ibrowser. it is very simple.

      here is link which shows what we should edit in file.

      You can give a try to do it your self else wait couple of days Im already working to update this post.


    • Ok Vishal….But am not really particular about the Gold and Coins because i found a video with which i have been able to get over 16,777,215 gold and 16,777,215 coins for rooted android using Root Browser on my Samsung galaxy s4 ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOPXBN1TUlk ) which has synchronized with booth my facebook and Ipad…But i want to be able to get high scores for the Global tournament on ios…unfortunately my device is not jailbroken and am using ios 7….so thats basically my problem now as am out of ideas and cant seem to find any on the internet…

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks for getting back so quick, where can I get the rite diamond dash to work this, I try the 2.02 but it just wont open to play it for ipad3

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