Things you should consider before buying a domain name

A domain name is like having a house on most expensive street on New York city. It should be easy to remember, simple to type and quick to tell.
In a world with over 10 million domain names you have to come up with a right name weather its for Professional or business use. With over one hundred registered domain names and after helping several of family friends and business owners here is what we have learned:

(1) Often used keywords

When you start looking for a domain name you should come up with at-least 3 to 4 similar names that describe your business and if needed, later you can mix prefixes and suffixes. Suppose you are looking for a domain name for a movie review website. your choice should be like moviereview, filmreviews, cinemareview, filmcritics, moviecritics, and so on. This is essentially the best technique to get more search engine visitors.

(2) First choice is always .com

There are so many tld or gtld available to register which is great but it will only help if you are targeting audience from specific country. You should know that people from all around the world are used having .com domain. Moreover it has short-cut key (ctrl+enter) in all browsers.

(3) Easy to remember, easy to type is rule of thumb

Do you ever forget facebook, Google or Nope! Well mainly because they are easy to remember and type. You should do the same with your domain name. After all, having a good domain name is like having a ferrari to drive everyday.

Domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type. Avoid replacing words like “s with z”  or e with 3 etc etc. Use proper English and hit your idea usually in the beginning of the name.

(4) Avoid Special characters
Hyphens (-) and numbers both need special attention when you give your domain name to someone. So avoid that at all cost.

Here is a list of websites that I use personally that should prove to be a goldmine for your next research project. Good luck!

  1. NameMesh

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