How to control Google Chrome memory usage?

Google chrome is one of the best browser available today, And almost all people uses it. We like Google chrome becuase it is very simple to navigate, It is light and works fastest compare to other browsers.
Aside of its plus point Google chrome has a very weak point and I guess thats the reason why you are reading this post!
Google chrome creates new thread of each new process thats the reason it use alot of cpu and memory. Which makes our pc to run slow sometimes even it causes crash/freeze/hangs.

So now If you want to control the usage of memory and cpu than first you will have to find out the process google chrome is doing.
Just like windows task manager Google chrome has its own task manager
 “Task Manager – Google Chrome “

Which can be open by pressing “Shift+Esc” Here you will see all the running process of Google Chrome.

By removing extension, tab which you are not using you can control the memory usage.

How to revert old new tab page in Google Chrome?

In their recent chrome update now we see Google logo and a search box and recently visited page instead of Apps and Most visited.

And I guess you did not like this new update and want to revert back to as it was.

Just follow this step and you will old look back.
1) goto  chrome://flags/
2) press ctrl+f  and look for “Enable Instant Extended API”
3) Select “Disable”
4) close google chrome and reopen 🙂

List of available 4char domain names .net

Today I was looking to register short domain name. I scramble all possible words in 3 char aaa to zzz but all those domain names were taken in .com as well as in .net

So I tried to look for 4 character domain names I could not found any domain in .com extension but I had luck with .net domain names.

Here is list of .net character domain names

At this point all of above domain name are available to register.


Responsive ads into Google Adsense

The main plus point in a responsive design was that website may be perfectly seen on all sorts of devices, from desktop computers to smartphones to tablets.
 In this manner, that you don’t have to be concerned about having to produce a website for each type of device.

Untill now there wasn’t responsive ads from Google Adsense that can fit into our responsive websites. But in July 2013 Google have launched new ad format as in beta version that allows to generate responsive adsense code.

Best websites for Ubuntu Linux tutorials

Whether you’re just curious and desire to discover more about the os, or you need to become comfortable with Linux for work,there are several great assets on the market to assist you get started. Why spend $100 or even more on a program to master Linux, when there is therefore many free internet sites available to assist you out?

Here is a several great internet sites to assist you understand Linux on the web free of charge:

IBM Developer : Answers your principles questions like why Linux, big difference between Linux and Unix, what can be carried out with Linux.
School of Surrey – school classes on learning Linux. This is a guide for absolute beginners, beginning by having an release to the OS, courses in simple operations, and all you need to understand about navigating Linux or UNIX successfully.
Matloff’s Unix and Linux Tutorial Center – Norm Matloff, a teacher of Computer Technology, has published many different free Linux and Unix courses for independent study. As well as presentations giving guidance for complete beginners (including support adding Linux on your machine), he involves more complex information.
Novell OpenCourseWare Challenge – Novell’s free, self-directed courses are free and follow a more conventional class format than some of the other internet sites shown here. If you want the structure of workouts and assessments, these are the courses for you. Novell covers material including the very simple to advanced.
Linux Security for Novices – That free class from Linuxtopia assists beginners steer Linux security. It examines every thing firewalls, instant security, and more. A good reference for anyone thinking about learning how to utilize Linux safely and securely.

Video tutorials:

Practical Linux by Stanfod
Understand Unix OS by Prof. BJ Hecker

YouTube Playlists:

Linux Lecture line on Youtube
Yet another famous YouTube Route
Linux fundamentals by Dancourses

Linux Publications:

The Linux Command Point by Bill Shotts
Linux Information by
Release to Linux; step-by-step book
Ubuntu Guide

Did we skip any other good Linux learning source? Add them in the comments.