Create your first PHP-enabled page


Today I will explain how you can create your first php enabled page. A PHP script starts with
  <?php and ends with ?>

 First of all open any text editor(notepad++)

create a file name index.php and put it in your web server’s root OR /www OR puclic_html directory with the following content.


 echo ‘Hello World’;


Use your default browser to see output of this code with your web server’s url ending with the /index.php
If you are using localhost then try http://localhost/index.php or

If everything is fine you will see result like

Hello World

Thank you.

Things you should know about PHP

Before you start to work with PHP you should have some basic understanding about how it works, what are the requirements and what it can do? Why you should use PHP? etc.

PHP is widely used programming language to create dynamic websites
PHP scripts executed on the server side. As PHP is open source you can freely download and use. PHP files can contain text, HTML, Advance Java code. Once PHP is executed you can see result as plain HTML  in the browser. All PHP files have a default extension of .php
PHP can run of platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac. It is also compatible with almost all servers that are available today.

To develop websites using PHP you can

  • Find a web host with PHP and MySQL support (e.g
  • Install a web server on your own PC, and then install PHP and MySQL 

i.e THe Uniform server, xxamp, wamp, etc.

Official resource page for php is

Introduction to PHP

PHP is a server side language , and is a powerful tool for making dynamic Websites.
PHP stands for  Hypertext Preprocessor

It is a widely-used because it is free (open source) and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft’s ASP. Also PHP can be embedded into HTML.

Here is simple example to print welcome to world of php.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”

echo “Welcome to world of php.”;

Highway Rider game tricks

Highway Rider

By Battery Acid Games

This trick is about how we can get more than 10000+ “Nitrous Oxide Boosts“.

Its pretty simple if you have iFile/iDevice which let you open file manager.


Open iFile and locate folder

var/mobile/Applications/Highway Rider

and then goto


Open file



where, xyz is number of nitrous oxide boosts.

edit xyz with any amount.

than click on “save” and “done”.

Thats it!!

Enjoy playing game 🙂

Subway Surfers High score Tricks

Note: if you have update game version then it will not work.

Subway Surfers
is Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

Currently there are is just one tricks on this game which works really good without using any software.
And That is opening “MYSTERY BOX”.

First of all goto Shop and single tap on “buy” button.

Then wait untill next screen appears and says “Tap to open”. 

Now this is the step where we play our trick.

When it ask to tap,  Tap with 5 fingures at same time.
(tauch screen one time with all fingers)

So it will open 4-5 items from box 🙂

Look into screen shots.