How to fix CRC failed file is corrupt error from .rar or .zip


When compressed file does not unpack correctly in .zip or .rar extraction we get error or warning saying

WinRAR:Diagnostic messages failed in xyz file. The file is corrupt

If file size is small than you can try to re-download it.

Otherwise you can try to extract file by ignoring errors.

follow this steps:

1) right click on file
2) select extract files
3) in Miscellaneous options check “Keep broken files

save settings

In most cases this method works just fine.

Play Atari Breakout game in Google Image Search

If we want to play breakout game what we do is download application in pc or look for some online flash game.
But today Google is celebrating 37th anniversary of  game called “Atari” breakout which let us play actual game when we make search for ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Image Search 

You can play game by mouse or keyboard arrow key. It also lets you publish your score on Google + page.


Highway Rider game tricks

Highway Rider

By Battery Acid Games

This trick is about how we can get more than 10000+ “Nitrous Oxide Boosts“.

Its pretty simple if you have iFile/iDevice which let you open file manager.


Open iFile and locate folder

var/mobile/Applications/Highway Rider

and then goto


Open file



where, xyz is number of nitrous oxide boosts.

edit xyz with any amount.

than click on “save” and “done”.

Thats it!!

Enjoy playing game 🙂

Subway Surfers High score Tricks

Note: if you have update game version then it will not work.

Subway Surfers
is Presented by Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.

Currently there are is just one tricks on this game which works really good without using any software.
And That is opening “MYSTERY BOX”.

First of all goto Shop and single tap on “buy” button.

Then wait untill next screen appears and says “Tap to open”. 

Now this is the step where we play our trick.

When it ask to tap,  Tap with 5 fingures at same time.
(tauch screen one time with all fingers)

So it will open 4-5 items from box 🙂

Look into screen shots.

BlackJack by Mike Ross tricks

If you like playing Blackjack, you might be playing this free blackjack game! 
Blackjack By MIKE ROSS!/id366459988?mt=8

In this game I do not know any particular trick that let us win all the time,
But I know how we can get cash/tokens!

– and guts

Open iFile and locate folder


Open file name with name

In this file search for chips.
it might be look like

where, 10xxx = number of chips you are having.

ok so thats all we need replace 10xxx with any amount you want.

Click on “save” and “done”.

If you find any difficulty and leave me a message here 🙂