Play Atari Breakout game in Google Image Search

If we want to play breakout game what we do is download application in pc or look for some online flash game.
But today Google is celebrating 37th anniversary of  game called “Atari” breakout which let us play actual game when we make search for ‘Atari Breakout’ on Google Image Search 

You can play game by mouse or keyboard arrow key. It also lets you publish your score on Google + page.


Google’s Gmail service goes down for Indian users

Having trouble logging into Gmail now? Wondered why it is logging you out? You are not alone who face this issue today. 
According to Web reports, Gmail India is crashed. The message on the page says, “502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.”
The 502 Bad Gateway error means that two different servers involved in loading a web page are not able to communicate properly.
However rest of the service are working,i.e Google+,blogger,Google search,Google Drive, youtube etc.

Things you should consider before buying a domain name

A domain name is like having a house on most expensive street on New York city. It should be easy to remember, simple to type and quick to tell.
In a world with over 10 million domain names you have to come up with a right name weather its for Professional or business use. With over one hundred registered domain names and after helping several of family friends and business owners here is what we have learned:

(1) Often used keywords

When you start looking for a domain name you should come up with at-least 3 to 4 similar names that describe your business and if needed, later you can mix prefixes and suffixes. Suppose you are looking for a domain name for a movie review website. your choice should be like moviereview, filmreviews, cinemareview, filmcritics, moviecritics, and so on. This is essentially the best technique to get more search engine visitors.

(2) First choice is always .com

There are so many tld or gtld available to register which is great but it will only help if you are targeting audience from specific country. You should know that people from all around the world are used having .com domain. Moreover it has short-cut key (ctrl+enter) in all browsers.

(3) Easy to remember, easy to type is rule of thumb

Do you ever forget facebook, Google or Nope! Well mainly because they are easy to remember and type. You should do the same with your domain name. After all, having a good domain name is like having a ferrari to drive everyday.

Domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type. Avoid replacing words like “s with z”  or e with 3 etc etc. Use proper English and hit your idea usually in the beginning of the name.

(4) Avoid Special characters
Hyphens (-) and numbers both need special attention when you give your domain name to someone. So avoid that at all cost.

Here is a list of websites that I use personally that should prove to be a goldmine for your next research project. Good luck!

  1. NameMesh

Top 5 Premium WordPress Templates to run Movie Review Sites like Rotten-tomatoes, IMDb


When I was collecting best Template for WordPress Last month I had collected top 10 best premium templates for purpose of running movie review site.

With the help of this templates one can make a  movie, tv show or any review website like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb

Last update: 5th Sept 2015
(1) The Review (Preview / Download) *(recommended by us)

The Review is a stylish review and magazine theme that allows you to create extensive reviews for multiple content including games, travel destinations, films, technology etc. Each review item has it’s own centralised hub page with tabbed navigation where you can display all the news, videos and images relating to that item. Each item can be reviewed by both admins and users and this all comes packaged in a fully responsive, clean and modern design.

(2) Explicit (Preview / Download) *(recommended by us)
Explicit is a wonderful high performance wordpress magazine theme with ratings, reviews and page builder. Theme design is responsive and ratina ready. It has everything we need.
It supports Buddypress, woo commerce2.0 built with Twitter Bootstrap3.1
(3) SwagMag (Preview / Download)

Swagger is the first-of-it’s-kind magazine style premium WordPress theme that allows you to create unlimited custom review “mini-sites” within your main website (works for non-review sites just as well as review sites!). That means you can load up your site with tons of content and then present it to your users in an organized way using just one or multiple mini-sites. Swagger’s front page will grab content from your mini-sites and display it all together in an awesome, content-rich page to give your users the best user experience possible. Swagger is guaranteed to increase both the average length of time that your users spend on your site and the average number of pages that they view.
(4) ReviewIt ( Preview / Download) *(recommended by us)
review it
ReviewIt is a WordPress and BuddyPress theme that provides you with powerful review and community features.
(5) Made (Preview / Download)
Made is an industrial strength review/magazine BuddyPress theme powered by a rock solid framework built to showcase your content and proven to increase the amount of time users spend on your site. Two unique skins, unlimited color schemes, and a brilliant array of provided background designs.
(6) Gamepress (Preview / Download)
GamePress is just possibly the most advanced WordPress theme created .
Pushing the WordPress engine to the limits, GamePress allows you to create your very own, fully-featured, News & Reviews website!
(7) Gauge (Preview / Download)
Gauge is the ultimate review theme that allows you to create extensive reviews for any kind of content including games, movies, food etc. Each review item has it’s own centralised hub page with tabbed navigation where you can display all the news, videos and images relating to that item. Each item can be reviewed by both admins and users and this all comes packaged in a fully responsive, clean and modern design.


(8) Flavor (Preview / Download)

It’s an advanced magazine platform with the same features that the big web publishers have. And it’s the flagship theme built with our new review framework featuring a powserful minisite builder. Everything is AJAX enhanced, not just the theme options. Flavor is the most powerful and complete magazine theme available today.
(9) Steam (Preview / Download)
The most advanced magazine-style WordPress theme available. Complete page builders, unique Minisite system, custom awards and badges, full weighted author and user ratings, AJAX post sorting and filtering, all wrapped in a stunning, uniwue, newly-inspired design.

How to make money online by designing?

In now a days making money online is very easy job. I have collected most famous links where you can sell your design to earn money online.


99designs is a best platform for logo designers to earn money from their work. 99designs requires good Photoshop and Illustrator skills. If you are good with Adobe Illustrator then sign up there and start making money 🙂

2. Template/ Theme sales

If you are good at designing and as well as programming then this is the second way to make money, Now there are many websites are available which let you sell your themes for different platforms like wordpress, joomla and most of all content management systems.

3. Stock Photo sales
If you are a good photographer and a have working knowledge about photoshop then The internet is eager to buy your photos. You can create your own photo selling websites or you can publish it to some best sites which let you sell your photographs.
Here is 10 sites which let you sell your photos.
If there is any other option available to earn for designers, then please write into comments 🙂