10 best free WordPress themes April 2013

It is time taking job to find most suitable wordpress theme to match with our criteria. I have been looking for best wordpress themes available to download for free for this month. And some of themes catch my eye and so I thought to share it with all webmaster who use wordpress for business.

(1) Viper Preview / Download

(2) Nomad Preview / Download

(3) Sosa Preview / Download
(4) Shuttershot Preview / Download
(5) Reporter Preview/Download
(6) Playbook Preview / Download (requires sign up to download).
(7) Pagelines Preview / Download
(8) Sampression Lite Preview/ Download
(9) Infoway Preview / Download 
(10) zeeBizzCard Preview/ Download

Unique search engine optimization (seo) tips for beginners

Once you finish designing your website second step is getting visitors to your blog or website. Search engine optimization plays very big roll into it.

Search engine optimization is a technique that allows a website to get more visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, altavista etc.

Important part in making search engine friendly website is

  • Website/Page Title
Page title is very important part in SEO it is added into title tag. <title>Your Page</title>
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
Meta description and meta keyword is not major facter search engines consider when they rank sites but it  plays very big role by telling crawling robots about page and its content.
The meta description tag looks like
<meta name=”description” content=”details about your page.”>
  • Header tags
<h1>,<h2>, <h3> <b> ,<i> etc are the header tags.
Header tags is easy way to help your website visitors by using bold, italic tags with the help of this tags users can notice important items from your page.
  • Link structure
 Link structure is about page depth, Internal links, back links to your site! Suppose you website has imporant page,But If it take 5-6 clicks to reach there which gives bad impression and remains hidden most of the time. You should try to optimize site in a such way that visitors can access webpage with maximum 3 to 4 clicks.
to know more in deep you can use Search engine optimization starter guide by google! click here

Basic Commands in Linux

To work in a Linux command, The user should select ‘Terminal’ mode.
(open: CLT+ALT+F1 close: CLT+ALT+F7)

In Linux # indicates admin(root) user and $ indicates the default/normal user.

  • $logname : This command display the current username.

  • $pwd : This command display the present working directory.

  • $clear : This command clears the screen.

  • $logout : This command logout used from the current user.

  • $date : This command displays date and time.

  • $who am i : This command use to display current username, terminal number, date and time at which you logged in the system.

  • $who : This commnad display information about all users who logged into the system.

i.e each username, ternimal number, date and time at which the users logged into the system.

  • $finger : It displays complete information about all users who logged into the system.

  • $cal : This command display previous/current calender.

$cal year 
usage : $cal 2013
$cal month year
usage: $cal 3 2012

  • $init : This command is use to change the system behaviour at run level.

#init 1 : This command bring the system to single usermode.
#init 2 : This command brings the system to multi usermode.
#init 3 : This command brings the system to multiuser mode with resource shared.
#init 6 : This command hunts and reboot the system to default run level.

Introduction to Linux

Linux is an open source version of the UNIX operating system that envolveed from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds

Linux Stands for Linu‘s Unix version.

People have been developing operating systems based on open source code of the Linux Kernel.
for example Ubuntu.

Originally Linux was developed based on the Unix, But now it it just not another flavor of Unix.

Today Linux is stable and versatile operating system and most chosen operating system as network server.