Clash Royale – Best Lava Hound deck to reach legendary arena

Best Lava Hound deck

Today I am suggesting best lava hound deck which can be used to reach into legendary arena. Lava hound+Mega Minion + Minions works so well against different kinds of units.

Before I started using this deck  my trophies were 2576, and after using this deck I played 20 games(17 wins, 2 draws and 1 lose)  & reached into Legendary arena for the first time.

Strategy in using this deck is very simple, first send Lava Hound followed by Mega Minion+ Minions from very back(our side). Our goal is to send Mega Minion+ Minor with good health to damage opponent tower. Also use Arrow or fireball to support it. Usually Mega Minion and Minions takes care of the most of the opponent cards because they are locked at our Lava Hound.

To defend our tower one can use  Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Minions or Mega Minion

Usually Lava Hound ends up dead right near to the tower so lava pups+miner deals very huge damage to tower and mostly its enough to take out single tower. Later on repeat this same strategy to another tower.

Checkout this video it will help you to understand how to use this deck.

If you use this deck than let me know How things workouts for you.